Grizzly 1.02 Update: ‘Hotfix’.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by RushC, Jan 6, 2018.

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    Hey guys!

    Second major update of the year! We have again fixed lots bugs and changed things around, read it all about it below:

    In-game changes:
    - More bugs fixed.
    - Cactus has been nerfed.
    - TNT has been enabled and is fully functional.

    Website and Buycraft changes: (https://store.grizzlynetwork.com)
    - Store design had been changed.
    - 35% release sale officially over.
    - Added the option to buy keys in bulk for purchases with discounts.
    - Added commands to community goal to execute global commands upon reaching it.
    - 25% sale on certain categories for three days only.
    - Fixed the rank upgrading bug.

    Community changes:
    - Reorganized the administration team based on activity, contribution and efforts.
    - Reopened staff recruitement of all ranks. For higher tiers, contact Mistazel or Ellie directly.
    - Split team to 90% work on Forest, and 10% on a new release (more info soon).
    - Changing focus of development to bug fixing and optimization of to main server in order to make it as perfect and smooth as possible.

    Expect more updates and events very soon!

    Take care,

    - RushC
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